The 5 Minute AFL Plan

Sharpen your classroom practice with the new 5 Minute AFL Plan from Paul Dix (@pivotalpaul) and Ross McGill (@teachertoolkit). Outstanding Assessment for Learning doesn't happen by chance. Our new 5 minute plan addresses the finer points of excellent Afl, the refinements that cut to the heart of learning and allow you to swiftly plan for fantastic progress. The 5 minute AFL plan address the moments in a great lesson that the best teachers pay most attention to:

 - the critical questions that cut to the heart of the learning
-  the moments of transition where responsibility for the learning is passed over  
-  hinge questions that differentiate accurately and instantly
-  peer assessment and peer marking that has a tight focus
-  self reflection that has a beautifully simple structure and ritual

The 5 minute AFL plan is available for free and we would love to see some examples from your own lessons.

Download the 5 Minute AFL Plan here

Download the 5 Minute AFL Notes here

Download an example of a completed plan here



Ross Morrison McGill is an Assistant Vice Principal in a rapidly improving inner-city school in North London. He is the author of 100 Ideas: Outstanding Lessons and is an award-winning teacher (Guardian Teacher of the Year in Secondary School in London 2004), and a former SSAT Design Technology Lead Practitioner.

He is responsible for improving the quality of teaching and learning and has a national profile as the leading contributor and organiser of online CPD within a growing community of education professionals. He is a member of The Guardian Teacher Network adviser panel, where he writes a regular series of blogs achieving ‘best blog of 2012’. His website, articles and TES resources exceed 850,000 views collectively (September 2013). You can follow him on Twitter @TeacherToolkit or join in @SLTchat and @SLTeachMeet which he created to bring together, over 700-1000 aspiring and senior leaders online, every Sunday across the UK. He is also the creator of @MyEdHunt which is a small revolution for teachers and schools to find their own employment, for free!