Behaviour Management, Change and Support

Pivotal provide cutting edge training tailored to your institution. Our trainers come to you. Sample agendas are available on request. We don't 'train and run', we build sustainable practice that works for the long term. All our training can be booked with coaching and mentoring.


If you want to transform the behaviour of your school or college you need Pivotal INSET and Training. Pivotal create positive, sustainable change promoting a compelling vision of improved relationships between all adults and young people. Our approach is multi award winning, utterly consistent and proven in the most challenging and most sensitive situations.

  • Learn 'The 30 Second Intervention" and manage the angriest children with flair
  • Dramatically reduce 'Call Outs' with our sustainable behaviour projects
  • Teach Behaviour directly, strategically and flexibly

Pivotal INSET is inspirational and practical. We show all adults working in the institution how to: promote positive behaviour, use reward effectively, motivate students, intervene calmly without damaging relationships, change bullying cultures, manage low level disruption with flair, sustain consistent practice and use innovative structures for managing the most extreme behaviours.

Pivotal Behaviour INSET:

“If you want to tell people the truth, make them laugh, otherwise they'll kill you.” – The Nightingale and the Rose. Oscar Wilde

  • Whole School/College Behaviour Strategy
  • From Good to Outstanding Classroom Management
  • Behaviour and Safety: Preparing for OFSTED
  • New powers of discipline for teachers, schools and colleges
  • Managing your own behaviour, expectations, perceptions and responses
  • Behaviour and safeguarding
  • Teaching behaviour for employability
  • The Importance of Importance
  • Flattery and bribery v intelligent strategies for praise and reward
  • Classroom management and behaviour plans
  • Learning rituals, rules and routines
  • Signs, signals and icons in behaviour improvement
  • Assertiveness: attitude, language, control
  • Managing confrontation and stopping it from escalating
  • Structuring interventions to leave dignity in tact
  • Appropriate student/teacher relationships with clear boundaries
  • Institutional rewards and sanctions systems that motivate
  • Gender specific behaviour management and improvement
  • Engaging parents/guardians and bridging home and education
  • One to one and small group work for mentors and Teaching Assistants

Pivotal understand how to manage behaviour as age and environment change: how language and approach is different when working with younger children, how 14 year olds are changing behavioural norms in FE colleges, how 5 year olds can be as disruptive as 14 year olds, how different approaches work in Special Education, how teams of adults can improve behaviour beyond recognition, how adults can behave as badly as young people and yes, how to stop Trevor chewing the curtains.

Pivotal are now working with over 150 FE Colleges all over the UK on top of our existing work in mainstream, special schools and the under 18 secure estate. We won a National Training Award in 2009 for our work with an SEBD school in Special Measures. Our trainers are recognised experts in behaviour writing for the TES, educational magazines and presenting at major conferences in the UK and abroad. 

Bullying and Safety

  • 'Do you feel safe?' Child protection, behaviour and student voice
  • Breaking the cycle; Bullies, reinforcers, outsiders and bystanders
  • Restorative approaches for bullies and their victims
  • Gangs, bullies and cliques; managing group bullying
  • Digital bullies and safeguarding children
  • Homophobic, racist and prejudiced based bullying
  • Whole school approaches against bullying
  • Preparing for inspection: behaivour and safety

Institutional Behaviour Change

  • Consistency, certainty and institutional behaviour change
  • Achieving 'Outstanding': sharpening and refining policy, transforming practice
  • Reducing exclusion and re engaging students on the edge
  • Designing, creating and managing  alternative provision
  • Leading Behaviour Change in Middle and Senior management
  • SEAL: innovative whole school approaches
  • The Restorative Revolution: changing behaviour and repairing trust
  • Emotionally Intelligent Schools and College: practical and sustainable strategies
  • Escaping 'Special Measures': transforming behaviour and getting back to learning

We work with schools (Primary, Secondary, Special - State and Independent), FE colleges, nurseries, secure units, Secure Training Centres, adult education centres, prisons, universities, pupil referral units, youth centres, YOIs, foster carers, children's homes in the UK and abroad. Anywhere where behaviour is an issue.

We train teachers, lecturers, teaching assistants, learning mentors, midday supervisors, security and site staff, librarians, middle and senior management, community workers, social workers, nursery nurses, foster carers, parents, prison officers and police. 

Advanced Training, Additional Needs and Extreme Behaviours:

  • Extreme situations: Search, confiscation and restraint
  • Students with emotional difficulties
  • Attachment disorder
  • Working with the angry child
  • Dealing with rage
  • Autism, Asperger's, ADD, OCD, ADHD
  • Foetal alcohol spectrum disorder, attachment disorder
  • Dyslexia and Dyspraxia - practical strategies and approaches
  • Managing behaviour around the site
  • Building relationships with the hard to reach
  • Holding up the mirror - reflective processes for defiant students
  • Pro-actively developing relationships with challenging students
  • Working in colleges in challenging circumstances
  • Managing aggressive and violent confrontation
  • Assertive voice coaching for teachers/lecturers 
  • Managing disruptive group behaviours
  • Physical intervention - practical and legal
  • Managing difficult adults (learners and colleagues)
  • Boys without dads - nurture groups and mentoring

 This was one of the best courses I have ever attended. There were NO weak areas. The training was extremely stimulating and thought-provoking. I work with E2E students and myself and my colleagues could relate to many of the areas highlighted in the training session. It was an excellent day, delivered by a well-informed tutor that had the attendees attention throughout the session.
Patrick Barnes, Entry to Employment Course Director, College of West Anglia

Pivotal trainers deliver work on behaviour across the UK and in Ireland, Bermuda, Pakistan, Holland, Spain, Germany and Egypt.

All our training agendas are tailored to your needs and desired outcomes.
Please contact us to discuss how we can tailor this training for your setting.