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Improve learner behaviour

Achieve consistency in behaviour management across your school or college. 

  • Create immediate impact through behaviour management training that inspires all staff to change their practice.
  • Simplify behaviour policy to support outstanding practice.
  • Build capacity and develop expertise on your staff team by training in-house instructors.

When the adults change, everything changes.

@JNabs23 tweets, "Very inspired by Pivotal Behaviour Training today. I've made my 30-day pledge. #Whoosh!" Josie Nabiałek, Abertillery Comprehensive School

Build in-house capacity for behaviour support

Watch this 4-minute video about our Instructor Training Programme (Train the Trainer course).

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Pivotal People

When you work with Pivotal, you're working with world-class
trainers. To meet our team of behaviour consultants and experts,
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Paul Dix
Trainer & CEO
Ellie Dix
Ollie Frith
Head of Training
Helen Day
Principal Trainer
Barry Stay
Principal Trainer
Darrell Williams
Principal Trainer
Brandon Krueger
Principal Trainer,
Pivotal Education
Colorado USA
Arnie Skelton
Senior Trainer
Mike Armiger
Senior Trainer
Claire Sutton
Senior Trainer
Diane Ingham Cook
Senior Trainer
Frank Farrell
Senior Trainer
James Mannion
Senior Trainer
John Rees
Senior Trainer

Tara Elie
Senior Trainer
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Office Staff

Jennie Peachey
PA to Paul Dix &
Project Manager
Sandra Stonfer
Logistics and
Customer Relations
Jake Chandler
Junior Administrator
and Online Courses
Amy Rose
Administrative &
Accounts Assistant